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Project Ideas

These are my ideas for future picture book projects.


Kamayan Love

What better way of getting your hands dirty than in a Kamayan feast! What’s on the menu? Well it includes lots of love, food, family, and friends, wrapped in heartwarming traditions, set on banana leaves. Are you ready for a second helping yet? Each offering is meant to touch the heart, and I think we can all agree that the best way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach.

The Walking Nipa Hut

The day a family prepares to move, their small nipa hut is in shock, and fears that he will be left behind. He soon learns that true family and community is wherever love can take you.

Bahay Kubo
bakunawa 6-7_no words.jpg

If I Had A Bakunawa

A child with a BIG imagination tries to convince his mom why a Philippine mythical creature would make a great first pet. As his imagination runs wild, so does his dragon. He soon realizes old dragons can’t learn new tricks, and bigger is not always better.

Jeepney Journey

Milo is excited to finally be able to help his papa at work. But wait, this isn’t any typical job. His papa’s workplace is always on-the-go! Milo soon learns you have to be able to handle some bouncy situations, in his first JEEPNEY JOURNEY.

Image Coming Soon!

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