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Mindfulness Through Haiku

Despite wintry murk

Frenzied firelights climb, ascend

Defiant dreaming

Happy 2024, friends! What better way to start the year than with a haiku? If you are not familiar with this style of poetry, you’re missing out.

It is a Japanese poetry form that I have dabbled with in the past, but for the year 2024, I’ve decided to write more of it and heck, I’m going to include one in each blog, because why not? 

Here are some quick tips on haikus that I try to follow. I learned these from articles/blogs and I’ll include their links below.

  • There is a three-line format.

  • the first line is five syllables

  • the second line is seven syllables

  • the third line is five syllables

  • Traditionally, haiku are about nature.

  • Japanese haiku typically use Kigo, which are words or phrases that evoke a particular season or time of year. Kigo are often used to create a sense of atmosphere and to provide context for the poem.

With so much going on in life, it can be hard just to sit and enjoy what is in the now. Writing haiku about what I am currently experiencing has been amazing for me. It helps me be more mindful and enjoy the moment. Using all of your senses, everything from what you are seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, touching, and thinking, will help you create a meaningful haiku. People write about everything and anything; from a gorgeous view to a fruit that they are eating, to the sound of an instrument. Anything that catches your attention can become a beautiful haiku. I promise that you will find such a wonderful feeling of satisfaction, and your appreciation for the little moments that make our day will grow tremendously.

I challenge you to try writing your own haiku today! There are some really interesting challenges and prompts in this article by Creative Writing Now, You should definitely check it out!

We all have our goals and dreams for the new year, but I’d like to just remind you to take a moment to just sit and take pleasure in what’s in front of you. 

Let’s enjoy and appreciate our journey through haiku! Cheers to the new year, friends!

Maraming Salamat, 


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